It may be time for you to move on to your next house, but there are some things you need to stop and consider before you begin the house selling process. Check out these 6 key steps to selling a house that will get you started down the right road.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Many people think that selling a house is a simple process that they can handle themselves. Unfortunately, what you don’t know can cost you time and money if you are too stubborn to get the help you need. Securing a professional real estate agent to represent your interest during the home selling process will prove valuable as you move forward. Choose a real estate agent that is knowledgeable about the area, is skilled in negotiations, and communicates at the highest level. They will have the inside information you need about the real estate market, and they know exactly how to manage your listing so that it reaches the right potential buyers.

Price the House

Selling a house 2You’ll want to consult with your real estate agent during this part of the process. Your agent will provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that sheds light on the value of your house. They will take into consideration other homes that have recently sold in your area and other factors that may have an impact on the value. You don’t want your house to remain on the market any longer than necessary. This is why it’s important to price your house correctly from the start. Set the price too low, and you could lose money. Set the price too high, and you alienate potential buyers.

Make Repairs

Take a good look around your house and property. Make a list of items that need to be repaired or replaced. Your house will go through numerous inspections and an appraisal. You’ll want it to be in the best condition possible. Negative findings during a home inspection can be embarrassing and can have an impact on the length of time your house stays on the market. Making necessary repairs will save you time, money, and frustration on the long run.

Stage the House

You want to make a good impression to potential home buyers once you place your house on the market. Take some time to make things more appealing. Start outside and remove any toy or decorative items that obstruct the view. Consider having your house power washed, and make sure the lawn is well manicured. Inside the house, do a deep cleaning and replace any worn items. If you have theme rooms or rooms that are brightly painted, consider toning things down and going neutral. You want potential buyers to see themselves in the space. That’s difficult for them to do when they are surrounded by your rooster collection in the kitchen.

Consider a Home Warranty

You may want to consider getting a home warranty to include with the sale of your house. This can provide an umbrella of safety for potential home buyers. This is especially appealing to first time home buyers. Gather all the warranty information for appliances and other household items to have on hand, as well.

Plan to Leave During Tours

When someone is on their way to tour your house, step out for some fresh air and leave the touring to the real estate agent. While it’s tempting to stick around and point out all the cool features, this is generally no appreciated and can have a negative impact on the potential home buyers experience. If you have pets, make sure they are secured in an area away from the home tour. Your pets are a beloved part of your family, but someone visiting may be allergic, and the new people in the house may cause your pet unnecessary stress.

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