Will My House Sell Better Empty?

Home selling isn’t as simple as just putting your house up for sale. It has to be listed and advertisers so that people know about it. You’ll also need to make your residence look presentable for showings.
Some homeowners debate whether it’s better to sell their homes empty or leave everything as is until an offer is accepted and they’re ready to move out. There are specific benefits to each approach. The strategy that you employ will depend on your own individual needs and preferences.
Selling a home in Texas can take time. Most real estate transactions are finalized after a few weeks or months. There are certain actions that must be taken in a logical order, some of which necessitate the involvement of specialized industry professionals. You could even run into unwanted delays or other problems along the way. Patience, persistence, and a proactive plan of action can help you succeed.
Here are some of the primary advantages and disadvantages of selling your house empty or staged.

Selling Your House Empty – Advantages

1. You won’t have to worry about damage done by guests to any of your personal items. Showing your home empty can make things less stressful for sellers. Their personal belongings may already be in storage, placed with a friend or neighbor temporarily, or already placed in their new home. They won’t have to concern themselves about having their furniture or other items accidentally damaged by open house visitors.
2. It can make things easier when you’re ready to move. Another reason why more sellers prefer to show their properties empty is that it’s one less thing for them to do. Because their items have already been removed, they don’t have to go through the hassle of packing everything up before closing. Everything should be ready for them whenever they purchase and move into another residence.
3. Buyers can visualize how their own possessions would fit in your home. Having an empty house to show may make it easier for potential buyers to imagine where their own belongings would go. They can think about where they would place their couches, chairs, beds, furniture, and so on in different rooms as they take a tour of your home. It might be simpler for them to visualize where things would be placed in an empty house instead of one that’s still fully furnished.

Selling Your House Empty – Disadvantages

1. Potential buyers may find more real and perceived problems. Imperfections may be more noticeable, even if they’re incredibly minor, in an empty house. People may quickly point out things like faded paint, warped door frames, nicks in walls, leaky faucets and other concerns. They may demand that those issues be resolved as soon as possible when negotiating the purchase agreement, or they could cause potential buyers to skip your home altogether and move on to the next property on their list.
2. Thieves or squatters could see an opportunity. Depending on where you live, your residence could be a target for thieves. Burglars may see an empty home and a for sale sign, think that the owners have moved out, and try to break in to steal copper wiring and other objects that they can later resell. Squatters could also try to live in your home while it’s empty. They could be difficult to evict, according to local vagrancy laws.
3. An empty home may seem smaller. Plenty of floor space is one thing that many homebuyers look for today. Empty homes may seem smaller to the naked eye, even though that may not necessarily be the case. A young couple or older parents might not think that there’s enough room for their family, just because there isn’t any furniture or other signs that indicate that your house has ever been occupied.

Selling Your House Staged – Advantages

1. You can stage your home yourself. If you have the aptitude and resources, you can stage your home whenever you want. Take a few photos of the interior and exterior. Open window blinds and shades to let in more natural light. You can even shoot a few very professional-looking videos of your house or just accentuate certain rooms or features. Those creations can also be uploaded to your social media pages to generate more interest and awareness.
2. Your home may stand out over other similar properties in the neighborhood. Another reason why people opt to leave their belongings in their homes before a sale is that it gives them more ways to showcase their living space. Amenities such as a home theater, in-ground pool and other unique features can be promoted. You’ll want to give buyers every reason to consider your house over another property in the area.
3. Some people may like the fact that your house looks lived in. A home that’s staged can provide a sense of comfort to interested parties. They can assume that the people who live in it have been there for quite some time. They’ve made the house their own and have added or replaced certain items to make it more liveable over the years.

Selling Your House Staged – Disadvantages

1. It can take time to stage your house properly. Unless you’re not currently working, it may be a while before you can schedule a few hours to stage your home. It can be especially difficult to find the time if you and your partner both work, if you have children or if your social calendar is already full to the brim. Some homeowners may ask their real estate agent for assistance or are only able to have the home looking in a somewhat respectable manner just before the first open house showing has been scheduled.
2. You may need to hire a professional stager. There are professional stagers who can make your home look amazing. Just keep in mind the fact that these professional services aren’t free, or cheap. You can expect to shell out a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars to hire a professional stager. This should be budgeted for along with your closing costs, moving expenses and other regular bills.
3. You’ll still have to move your belongings at some time. Whether you choose to sell your home empty or have it staged doesn’t negate the fact that you’ll still have to move your personal items out of the house at some point. You may need to take a few hours or days off to accomplish this goal. Even if you recruit movers to help you, the process is still going to take some time no matter what. You can get a head start on this task by making a list of items that you want to keep and which items will be sold, donated, thrown away or left behind when you move.


Talk to your real estate agent if you have questions or concerns about showing your home. They should have years of experience with both situations and may even be able to recommend professional stagers for you if necessary. They should also schedule several open house showings for possible buyers. It’s important that you and your family are not present during those showings.
Once you’ve accepted an offer and a sale agreement has been drafted, it won’t be long until the sale is complete. At closing, all remaining paperwork will be signed and filed. The buyer will be given the keys to your former house and you’ll be paid the net proceeds from the transaction. That money will be yours to do with as you wish, It could be put towards the acquisition of another home, a vehicle, or other big-ticket items or just saved for another time. Whatever you decide, you can breathe easier knowing that the chapter has finally been closed. It’s time to look ahead to new challenges and opportunities in another location.

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