Selling Your Home Before, During or After? Which is Best?
You will have many questions and not sure who to ask or trust. In today’s market it is very important that you align yourself with the right Realtor! Proper alignment will mean every dollar in return back to you. We have a step by step guide to assist you and have knowledge expertise of the market to help guide you.

Divorce Happens!

Sometimes Divorce Happens. What are your next steps?  You’ll likely have many questions such as:

1. What happens to my current home?

2. How does a divorce impact my credit score?

3. Can I buy a new home if I’m still listed on the previous mortgage?

4.Why work with you and your company?

Every Realtor® is different, such as experience, education, communication skills and availability. When life changes it is very important that you have a strong, focused and professional to help navigate through the process and be able to provide you a clear structure on how to complete the sale quickly and efficiently. Rene Burchell, Realtor® aligned with Coldwell Banker Residential, can help! We are here to help educate you on all available options so you can take the proper steps in navigating the sale and help align you, when you are ready to purchase your next home. We will guide you  one step at a time, discuss your goals and tackle the inevitable concerns and questions that will arise.

Our consultation is free to you. We share with you our team marketing plan, the process from beginning to end as well as include a comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home to help give you the answers you need to make the best financial decision.

We are the experts, we know the market and we can help you.

Contact us today.

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