How To Purchase A Home Without a Down Payment

Home buying isn’t easy. There’s a lot of work involved. Buyers have to research properties, neighborhoods, and local points of interest. Owning a home is a serious financial and time investment. A house is a place where most people spend the majority of their waking hours for many years or decades at a time, so … Continued

What Stays With A House When It’s Sold?

There’s a lot of work involved in buying a home. You have to carefully research properties and neighborhoods. Buyers are usually compiling lists of amenities that they’d like to have in the house that they buy while simultaneously packing things at their current location. Some prospective buyers wonder what components of a particular house that … Continued

What is Escrow?

Home purchases are usually an expensive process for many people. In most cases, they need to have enough money saved for their down payment, monthly mortgage payments are regular utility bills. This is in addition to their other regular expenses. Escrows are another common home-buying expense. The escrow amount can vary depending on the sale … Continued

What Is Earnest Money?

The decision to purchase a home isn’t always easy. It usually requires thorough research on different homes and neighborhoods. A home is also a significant financial expense for many people. Homebuyers need enough money to be able to afford a down payment on the house that they want. They should also set aside funds for … Continued

What Does Buying a House “As Is” Mean?

Homebuyers have a lot to do. They have to start researching properties and neighborhoods that they’d consider living in. Buyers need to determine what to do with their current belongings and start getting their finances in order to purchase a house. Some buyers choose homes that sold “as is.”. Many of these properties are sold … Continued