What Comes with the House You Buy

You cannot trust that what you see is what you’ll get in the house you buy. The features that may have helped you fall in love with the home may not be there when you’re ready to move in. There are some misunderstandings about fixtures, fittings, personal belongings, and what should or should not stay … Continued

How to Buy a House in Frisco [Your Complete Guide]

Whether this is your first time purchasing a house in Frisco, or you’re relocating, upsizing or downsizing, some options and factors may surprise you. Although a real estate agent is your in-person guide, you may not be ready to work with an agent just yet. When you start thinking about making a real estate purchase, … Continued

Closing Costs During the House Buying Process

When buying your first home, there are costs you may not think about when you begin the process. A good faith deposit may be required, and that is expected to come out of pocket. You’ll also need the down payment for the house. This is around 20 percent of the home’s cost. Closing costs come … Continued

6 Important Steps to Buying a House

While the home buying process can be exciting and rewarding, it can also be intimidating and stressful if you begin without proper preparation. Before you start looking for houses, check out these 6 important steps to buying a house. Pay Attention to Financial Matters Secure copies of your credit report from all three of the … Continued