Frisco Real Estate Market Report – May 2018

As we move into warmer months, home sellers in the Frisco area are fairing well when it comes to the percentage of their listing price that they receive and the days their homes are staying on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening in the Frisco real estate market for May 2018. … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – April 2018

Spring home shopping is off to a casual start according to a recently released report on Frisco’s real estate market. Data shows more inventory of properties for sale during the month of March than a year ago, with a somewhat extended time on the market. This represents a slow spring market, but sellers should take … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – February 2018

Here is a look at the Frisco real estate report for February 2018. According to reports from the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, (NTREIS), single family home sales in North Texas are up 12% from this time last year. While days on the market are increasing slightly, the average sale price is increasing as … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – January 2018

The real estate market in Frisco, Texas is looking much better than we saw one year ago, but still has many areas which we hope to see some improvement. With tax time coming up soon we’re expecting to see a few good months of home sales in the short term and expected to continue our … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – December 2017

The Frisco, Texas real estate market is by no means down and out. The data may show steady declines in certain areas, but the new year looks promising for Frisco, Texas. The buyers are out there if the sellers can find the right home for them.  Listings in Frisco November ended with 824 active … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – November 2017

Frisco, Texas is holding its own according to recent real estate trends. Things may be slowing down in preparation for the turn of the season, but Frisco, Texas is still actively buying and selling houses. Listings in Frisco October ended with 972 active listings, a drop from September’s 1036, which was still 50 below the … Continued

Frisco Market Report – September 2017

Real estate values in Frisco, Texas have about doubled in a decade. The real estate dollar doesn’t stretch quite as far as it used to. Increasing population and job growth influences housing demands, spawning new construction of apartments, townhouses, condominiums, senior living, and single-family detached homes. As Autumn arrives, kids go back to school, and … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market Report – August 2017

Frisco, Texas has experienced healthy booms in business, and therefore, in population. With recent expansion and job growth, the population has continued to increase, creating more of a demand on the local housing supply. With demand on the rise, prices are escalating, creating a situation in which standard housing needs are no longer affordable. So … Continued

Frisco Real Estate Market July 2017

At the second quarter’s end this year, real estate trends in Frisco, Texas were on the move. By the end of June 2017, Frisco showed 1063 sales, up from 921 in 2016. Median sales price also leveled up from 393,500 to $400,565. However, sales and closing contracts are on the decline, and there’s plenty of … Continued